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 The Institute of Management Accountants

Chapter 111, Knoxville, Tennessee

IMA is the world’s leading professional organization dedicated to advancing management accounting and financial management. As a global leader in these fields, IMA provides development opportunities through certification, education, and association with business professionals.

The Knoxville chapter serves eastern Tennessee, extending into the Kentucky border areas.  Through this chapter, management or corporate accountants and financial management professionals of the area have an opportunity to regularly meet, have dinner and learn about different issues relevant to their profession or community.  The chapter also provides continuing professional education (CPE) opportunities and various social and community oriented activities.

Get Involved!

Only when we become involved in the various opportunities and activities offered by our Knoxville chapter can we benefit from our association with IMA.  Make a habit of attending most of the activities; presume that you will participate, unless a specific conflict prevents your attendance.

Every time you participate in a program and report it to our chapter we all win. The chapter gets points (and money) and you become better prepared for the future.

This website is organized to encourage new members, keep members informed of various events and regular meetings, and provide information to allow all interested members to become as active as possible in chapter operations.

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